• The barrel halls

Domaine de Baronarques has several barrel halls for maturing its two red wines and its white wine.

The premium red wine is matured for 12 months in oak barrels, either new (25-50% depending on the vintage) or one to three years old.

La Capitelle de Baronarques, the Domaine's second wine, is oak-matured for up to six months.

The white wine is vinified and matured in oak barrels (1/3 new, 1/3 one year old and 1/3 two years old) for a total of nine months.

Three operations take place while the wine is maturing: topping up, racking and fining.

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    Topping up

    Topping up involves adding wine to a barrel as the level falls due to evaporation or the wine saturates the wood.

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    Racking is an operation to separate the wine from the naturally occuring deposit it throws (the lees) by transferring it from one barrel to another. Racking makes the wine clearer and gives it a brilliant sheen.

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    Fining is undertaken before bottling in order to clarify and stabilise the wine by precipitating out any particles in suspension.

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